Technology Nursery

Nurture your creative seedlings to success!

What does it take to produce quality software productively? Useful tools, efficient process, and a supportive team. Technology Nursery is an incubator that helps people learn to use the latest tools and processes; from idea inception to specification to development to QA test automation to results being reported back into the specification (where results belong).

Source Code

The source is located in GitHub.

GebToGrid on GitHub

We also host private git server repositories.

Build Projects

Schedules projects to do CI/CD/CT (continuous build, deploy and test) using our Jenkins Server.

Jenkins CI Build Server

Resource Usage: Monitor the Java resources for Jenkins usage using the Melody plugin.

Selenium 4 Grid

Enable automated parallel testing using our Selenium Grid of browser nodes.

Selenium 4 Grid Test Nodes


Manage specifications, bugs, and user acceptance tests utilizing Xray Test Management plugin.


TSSG knowledge base and collaboration management.

Data Analytics

Jupyter-Notebook CPU and GPU access is available to TSSG Members who request access.


Continuous inspection of code quality by performing automatic static analysis of code to detect bugs and code smells on 20+ programming languages.



Display system resources for running docker containers.



Data source for displaying docker container system resources.



Displaying container resource utilization.



A container and packate repository.


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